Heat in the Euregio – focusing and modernising

Date: 21/01/2019

While a large number of technical solutions for a more efficient and climate-friendly supply of electricity have been established over the past 20 years, the topic of heat has not been considered to the same extent. In 2017, more than one third of the electricity demand in Germany was covered by renewable energies, but only 13% of the heating demand was met by renewable sources. At 1,300 TWh/a, the supply demand for heating is three times higher than that of electricity. For this reason, the project “Wärme in der EUREGIO – fokussieren und modernisieren” (WiEfm) (Engl. Heat in the EUREGIO – focusing and modernising) supported under INTERREG VA, is dedicated to the topic of sustainable heat supply and examines the fundamentals of the heating market in the EUREGIO project area (rural Münsterland and the Dutch regions Overijssel and Gelderland). This research and development project also looks into savings and energy efficiency, as well as provides technical solutions. The overall aim is to design concrete plans for the efficient generation, distribution and use of heat in order to make the topic tangible and relevant for industry, municipalities and planners.

The main project outcomes include:

  • The HotSpot Analysis: an interactive cartographic representation of over 200 areas (HotSpots) in Münsterland with high heat demand densities, suitable for district heating.
  • Study of existing Dutch and German heat grids with regard to technology, efficiency and environmental impact.
  • 6 interactive workshops with experts (planners and municipalities) in the six regions (Overijssel, Gelderland, District of Borken, District of Coesfeld, District of Steinfurt, District of Warendorf).
  • 3 symposiums with interested parties and experts from the EUREGIO.
  • Identification of success factors and obstacles to the initiation of collective heat supply, as well as the presentation of the state of planning and the progress of the work on heating networks in the region.
  • “Heat vouchers”: the development of 17 feasibility studies on collective heat supply projects with a total budget of €249,280 financially supported within the framework of WiEfm with a funding rate of 70%.

More details on the results and findings of this project can be found on the project website www.wiefm.eu.