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by Linda Bertelsen
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Haderslev, Denmark - countryside, photo by Andre Lyngedal

Haderslev District Heating is a democratically owned limited company where the customers have a direct influence as shareholders. Our mission is non-profit, and the main objective is to secure stable and affordable heating for the majority of Haderslev Municipality.

Our Identity

Haderslev District Heating is not just an energy company but a collective effort to maintain the best and most cost-effective heating for our consumers. We believe that our shareholders are the key to our success, and therefore, we encourage them to actively participate in our general assembly meetings.

Vision 2030: “Shared about heating and climate”

In the fall of 2023, our board set a vision for the future. We strive to create a closer dialogue with our shareholders and customers, maintain a stable and competitive heat supply, strengthen and develop our organization, and focus on sustainability, climate, and the environment. We actively seek collaborations, networks, and partnerships and work diligently to optimize the use of data.

The Story of Haderslev District Heating

Our journey began in March 1958, and the first heat was delivered on September 22, 1959, to 25 consumers. Today, we supply 8,500 households in Haderslev with district heating, and with our ongoing expansion project, we aim to increase this to 10,000 households by the end of 2025.

Production facilities

We are proud that our heat production is almost 100% fossil-free. Our wood chip heating plant, built in 2014/2015, and a smaller plant from 2007/2008 form the core of our sustainable approach. In 2019, wood chip production accounted for 98.4%, and in 2020, it reached 99.5% of our total heat production. The remaining heat is produced using natural gas, either as combined heat and power or boiler operation. By the end of 2024, we expect to replace all fossil fuel with a 10.6 MW heat pump and a 15 MW electric boiler.

We are passionate about our mission – keeping our heating and the climate in focus. Welcome to Haderslev District Heating, where sustainable heat and committed shareholders meet!

Line of business

  • Biogas
  • Biomass
  • District heating
  • Energy efficiency

Countries of interest

All countries

Contact info

Haderslev Fjernvarme
Fjordagervej 15, 6100 Haderslev Denmark
Morten Hartmann
Telephone 4033 2188 E-mail: mh@haderslev-fjernvarme.dk