Hacked!! ………………………… Glad we have your attention – Næstved District Heating cyberattack response.

Date: 09/12/2020

Næstved District Heating experienced a cyberattack. their response is to take its IT security to a higher level to minimize future attacks.

In 2017, Næstved District Heating (NDH) experienced a cyberattack. Suddenly two servers couldn’t be accessed because the files on the servers were encrypted and locked. When trying to open the encrypted files, a message came up: “PAY RANSOM BEFORE REACCESSING FILES.”

- Fortunately, the hackers had not gained access to our operationally critical systems, so we still had full control over our district heating distribution. We don’t know how the hackers managed to infect our servers, but luckily, we were more frightened than hurt at the end of the day. Nothing critical destroyed, and we could continue our operations, as usual, says Jens Andersen, director at NDH.

Today, Jens Andersen calls the cyberattack a huge wakeup call.
- We are experts in district heating – not in cybersecurity. Therefore, we rely heavily on our partners in these matters, including ABB, who has delivered our control system, System 800xA.

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