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Grundfos acquires Energy-Service

by Kathrine

With the acquisition of the Danish company Energy-Service (like Grundfos, also a member of DBDH), specialized in digital solutions for district heating, Grundfos puts itself in front of the industry with one of the strongest portfolios available.

Higher efficiency, stronger profitability and better service. Those are among the winnings for utilities in district heating, after Grundfos acquires the Danish company Energy-Service. The company has made a name for itself by developing smart digital solutions for the district heating utilities, making them able to monitor critical system performance data in real-time.

Energy-Service and Grundfos have collaborated on projects for a while and have already succeeded in combining each other’s resources to create complete and intelligent solutions for customers. Here pump hardware, monitoring software and technological advice and services are put together to support district heating companies in improving their network efficiency and profitability. This is done by securing that supply temperatures does not exceed what is needed. Hereby a lot of energy is saved, not least by reducing heat loss in the networks significantly and on top it will open the opportunity of effectively utilizing renewable energy sources in the district heating grids.

“The equation here is relatively simple. We have the technology that allows the district heating companies to effectively control temperatures in their networks, and we got the technical expertise to service this. Energy-Service brings the right algorithms and digital concepts to the table, and together, we can create something more for our customers,” says Bent Jensen, Group Senior Vice President, Building Services at Grundfos.

He underlines that this acquisition is benefitting Grundfos, Energy-Service and our joint and future customers alike.

Energy-Service’s three founders Kim Hansen, Sten Linnell and Niels Gerrild-Olsen agree: “Together we can develop our existing products and create completely new energy-saving solutions for our customers”, the founders say.

The acquisition means that Energy-Service will be fully incorporated into Grundfos, which will take over all employees and activities. Energy-Services’ existing customers will continue their agreements through Grundfos, where they can look forward to an even more profiting portfolio during this year.

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