Groundbreaking geothermal district heating project in Hungary

Date: 28/05/2013

Hungarian PannErgy has handed over the first phase part of the Miskolc geothermal heating project.
László Németh, Minister for National Development, and Dr. Ákos KRIZA Mayor of Miskolc jointly launched the first phase of the project to transport heat from the plant to Avas. This will start Central Europe’s largest geothermal heating plant.
The first phase had a cost of HUF 7.5 billion ($41 million). Further investment in phase two would connect the downtown area of Miskolc with geothermal heat within a few months. This would provide an additional 800,000 GJ of heat energy from the plant.
The project will also provide the greenhouse project at Avas with 35-65 degrees Celsius water.  The 10-hectare greenhouse project is currently in pre-production phase and is expected to create jobs for about 30 people.
There are also plans to connect neighboring muncipalities to tap into the heat provided by the Miskolc project.
Miskolc Geothermal is a subsidiary of listed company PannErgy and started work on the project in 2009.
The project was funded by the European Union and has drilled two production wells and three re-injection wells and features 22 kilometer district heating network.
“The utilization of geothermal district heating system in Miskolc, provides a new source of heat being of huge significance. Tapping into this environmentally friendly and economical natural resource, Miskolc is the market leader in geothermal exploitation in the region. Local producers have around 3 acres area of 7000 m2 greenhouses and grow vegetables. Further utilizing geothermal energy for heating provides a opportunity for the region, as it can support the local agricultural sector, creating more jobs in the region.”said Dr. Akos KRIZA mayor of Miskolc.