Green vision energised by the island, ideal in Shetland thanks to SHEAP

Date: 10/03/2021

Shetland has always pioneered when it comes to district heating in Scotland – a 20+ years old system but still under development and ready to expand further to support the climate agenda. Now the Scottish Government aims at supporting the same development all over Scotland. The government has just passed a heat bill that strongly supports the development of district heating. As Derek Leask from Shetland District Heating Company called SHEAP says “the key is translating that (the bill) into real action”.

DBDH and VEKS (the district heating transmission company for the western parts of Copenhagen) work closely with SHEAP in a knowledge sharing and inspiration programme. A programme that also included other Scottish local authorities, who build long term relations where all district heating related matters are discussed.

Soon we hope to be able to visit Shetlands and to get a first hand impression and meet in real life. “As we all agree on – also in this knowledge sharing programme – it’s about time to finish a whole day of talking about district heating off with a pint and a dinner”, Derek commented in the last meeting.

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