Great potential for Danfoss in Eastern Europe’s buildings

Date: 04/02/2015

The potential for energy efficiency in Eastern Europe is so large that it will be able to reduce dependence on Russian energy tremendously. Companies are ready for a growth adventure.

Danish companies working with energy efficiency see great growth potential in the Eastern EU countries, when walls must be sealed; windows changed; and energy better utilized as part of the EU’s future energy union.

EU’s growth package of 315 billion Euro must support the energy union’s goal of energy independence. In Velux Ingrid Reumert, head of sustainability, thinks that part of the growht package must be targeted at energy efficiency because it is “a medicine” that works fast. And here Danish Companies are already among the leaders both in Europe and globally.

In Danfoss, Flemming Voetmann, manager of public affairs, sees great potential in the district heating area: “Our expectations for Eastern Europe and Germany are really high. In the growth package there is a number of countries with offers regarding specific district heating products. But to start a district heating project in a town in Romania is of course much easier in a power point that in real life. But it is Eastern Europe that has the highest potential for district heating.”

Source: Børsen