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German Stadtwerke delegation visits DBDH

by Steffen

In close coordination with State of Green, and in cooperation with the Danish Trade Council, DBDH hosted a delegation from 7 German district heating companies from the 18th to the 20th of November 2014.

The delegation comprised O&M-management from following Stadtwerke:

  • Heidelberg
  • Schwerin
  • Flensburg
  • Crailsheim
  • Schwäbisch Hall
  • EnBW
  • Grosskraftwerke Mannheim

The delegation was introduced to (and visited) various Danish DHC technologies; among others, a low temperature DH scheme in Albertslund, Brædstrup Fjernvarme (solar thermal DH and heat accumulation), Bjerringbro Fjernvarme/Grundfos (Industrial surplus heat and ATES heat storage).

In addition, on the 19th of November, a whole-day-seminar was arranged at AffaldVarme Aarhus’ premises in Aarhus.

The first half of the seminar was dedicated to presentations from the German Stadtwerke and the participating Danish utilities and plants (TVIS, Ringkøbing Fjernvarme and AffaldVarme Aarhus).

The second half of the seminar (including dinner) was dedicated to networking and exclusive 1-2-1 meetings between the Danish participants (industrial, component suppliers and consultants) and the German Stadtwerke.

We thank particularly AffaldVarme Aarhus for their assistance in establishing and hosting the event at their premises. In addition we thank TVIS and Ringkøbing Fjernvarme for their presentations and in general all participants for their participation and dedicated involvement.

To obtain more information on the event, please contact Ricky Bjørkvik, rb@dbdh.dk.

Presentations from the delegation visit, program and invitation can be obtained below.

[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=536 linktext=’AffaldVarme Aarhus DBDH Seminar’ /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=550 linktext=Crailsheim /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=537 linktext=COWI-lavtemp /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=565 linktext=Danfoss /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=538 linktext=’Dansk Fjernvarme’ /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=539 linktext=’DBDH Presentation Delegation Nov 2014 English’ /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=540 linktext=Enopsol /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=551 linktext=EnBW /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=541 linktext=Grundfos /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=552 linktext=’Grosskraftwerke Mannheim’ /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=566 linktext=Justsen /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=542 linktext=Kamstrup /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=543 linktext=Logstor /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=544 linktext=NEAS /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=545 linktext=’Ringkøbing’ /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=546 linktext=’State Of Green Præsentation’ /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=547 linktext=TVIS /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=549 linktext=’Invitation For German Delegation Visit In Denmark – Autumn 2014 Rev02 (final)’ /]
[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=548 linktext=’Final Program For The German Delegation’ /]