DBDH supporting international network. First German-Danish Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Network meetings are underway

Date: 05/03/2021

On the 3rd of March 2021 the first German-Danish Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Network for District Heating registered itself officially with the Initiative Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Networks (IEECPN). The network is organized jointly by AGFW, DBDH and the Royal Danish Embassy in Berlin. It is the first international network of its kind in the history of the IEECPN. Together the eight Danish and German participants will increase their energy efficiency and decrease their CO2-emissions within the next two and a half years.

An Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Network is a voluntary, systematic, goal oriented and unbureaucratic exchange of ideas and experiences of multiple companies over a set period of time. The participating companies identify their energy and CO2-emissions saving potential and then determine a non-binding goal they want to reach. The accumulated individual goals together form the non-binding goal for the network itself. This process is the basis for the exchange between the participants in the regular meetings.

Due to the current pandemic meetings will only be possible online. For the future, however, site visits, workshops and physical meetings are intended, in which the participants will present and discuss current as well as future projects. The meetings will focus on the exchange of experiences, best practices as well as ideas between the participants. Should the participants request it, the inclusion of external speakers is also possible.

A first virtual meeting has already been conducted on the 2nd of February 2021. Main objective of the meeting was to introduce the participants to each other. However, it became increasingly clear that both the German and the Danish participants face similar challenges and opportunities regarding decarbonization and energy efficiency. Moreover, first topics for future discussion could already be identified for the next meeting scheduled in late March.

The Initiative Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection Networks is a joint initiative by the Federal Government of Germany and additional 21 organizations of the German industry and allows the founding of international networks. The goal of the initiative is to alleviate the founding of 300 to 350 networks until the end of 2025 which in turn are expected to save between nine and eleven TWh/a of final energy as well as between five to six million tons of CO2.

To learn more about de-carbonisation of heat networks, you are most welcome to contact us at info@dbdh.dk