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German conversion can secure Denmark billions

by dbdh

There are large amounts of money to be had for Danish companies when the Germans in the coming years as part of a large energy change wil expand the renewable energy, draw huge cables across the country and be more energy efficient.  

Dask Energi estimates that the Danish export of energy technology on average can be increased by as much as 4 billion DKK each year – up to 2030.

In recent years, Danish companies exported energy technology for almost 8 billion DKK annually. But that figure will up to 2030 on average increase to 12 billion DKK a year, according to Dansk Energi. The biggest gain will come until 2020, after which the curve flattens out.

The estimate is based on an expectation that Denmark retains the current market share in Germany, while the country as a result of the green revolution will make investments that will amount to 1,490 billion DKK by 2030.

Source: Dansk Fjernvarme / Politiken