Geothermal major source for district heating in the region of Paris, France

Date: 10/09/2015


Only about 5% of energy consumption in Ile-de-France (the region of the French capital of Paris) is derived from renewable energy. But the region has great geothermal resources, due to reservoirs at a depth between 1,600 and 2,000 meters.

The region today is home to 34 geothermal heating plants and an increase of the  number of plants is expected, among others in Arcueil and Gentilly, in the south of Paris.
Sabine Moreau, a specialist of the geothermal project SIPPEREC, states that the temperature in the reservoirs found ranges from 55-85 degrees Celsius. This water can then be pumped to the surface being used in heat exchanges to then be used in district heating systems. The municipalities of Arcueil and Gentilly in the greater Paris region decided to develop their own projects in so-called doublets. Geothermal district heating allows municipalities to become independent from variable prices, so Sylvain Da Silva – Project Director of Cofely Networks. 

In the past few years, particularly biomass boilers have been installed, but geothermal is now seeing a return with the two – somewhat surprising – projects at Arcueil – Gentilly in thirty years.

The commissioning of the network is planned later this year and iss expected to cover up to 60% of the heat demand of the two municipalities.

Source: Thinkgeoenergy