Geothermal heating for large greenhouse operations in Bavaria, Germany

Date: 15/01/2015

At the end of last year, Kirchweidacher Energie GmbH started providing geothermal heating for greenhouses and plans to expand into district heating.

A very large project in Bavaria, Germany has recently started operating.

According to local sources, “Two years ago the German company ‘Steiner GmbH & Co. KG’ decided to build the biggest greenhouse in Bavaria. Now various vegetables are grown on a surface of 12 hectares in Kirchweidach. The special thing about this is: the complete need for energy is covered by geothermal heat, reports the German website And successfully, as the first harvest brought a yield of 3,300 tonnes of tomatoes and 1,100 tonnes of peppers.”

The project was carried out by Kirchweidacher Energie GmbH which is a subsidiary of GEOenergie Bavaria (50 per cent) and as stated by another source, it plans to move into district heating in the area, according to news from earlier last year.