Geothermal energy and beer – Drilling for geothermal below the Munich Octoberfest

Date: 16/09/2019

While the annual beer festivities of the Oktoberbest in Munich, Germany are kicking off later this month, drilling for Munich’s ambitious geothermal district heating project are continuing with the fifth well drilled beneath the location of the beer tents.

The fifth well for the geothermal heating plant of Stadtwerke München (SWM), the city utility of Munich, is being drilled below the Oktoberfest, the infamous annual beer festivities of Munich.

While everything above ground is prepared for the consumption of cool drinks, the SWM is drilling in at a depth of 2,200 meters for hot water. The fifth of six boreholes for the geothermal heating plant in Sendling leads from the Bohrplatz in the Schäftlarnstraße diagonally below the Theresienwiese, place of the Oktoberfest, as reported by local Munich Abendzeitung.

On the surface, there is no sense of the drilling work. By mid-September, the fifth well is to reach the final depth, the sixth and final hole should finally be completed by April 2020.

As SWM project leader Michael Meinecke reported at a press conference on Thursday, September 5, 2019, both the temperature of the deep groundwater and the flow rate are higher than expected. SWM expects to supply more than the previously estimated 80,000 Munich residents with geothermal district heating.

The work should be completed by 2020, after which the feed-in of heat from the deep can begin at the currently still natural gas-fired combined heat and power station Süd. The SWM expect on their website with the connection still in the year 2020, the Abendzeitung calls as date the January 2021.

Source: ThinkGeoenergy