Fruitful trip to Kazakhstan

Date: 11/04/2014

Last week (March 31 to the 4th of April) 10 Danish companies visted Kazakhstan as part of a DBDH export promotion trip. Visiting Astana and Almaty, it was some intense days with presentations and round table meetings presenting Danish solutions for the ongoing Kazakh energy transition, and learning much more about the challenges in the Kasakh energy sector.

In cooperation with the Danish Consulate General in St. Petersbug, DBDH had been planning the trip for months and the results have been very satisfying.  The main focus was to meet the relevant business partners in the district heating sector through round table meetings, and to see the ongoing projects and discuss possibilities for cooperation between Danish and Kazakh companies.

During the round table meetings, the Danish companies got a chance to present their solutions, and through B-2-B meetings and networking activities got in close contact with the Kazakh stakeholders. Clement Larsen-Ledet from participating company SPX Flow Technology explains it this way:

“For a company like SPX, which is already present on the Kazakh market, an export promotion with DBDH is a great opportunity to meet the right stakeholders and decision makers. These people are much harder to meet when only using local sales personnel”.

DBDH Kazsakhstan 002


DBDH expects a long and fruitful collaboration

plants built in Kazakhstan are mainly from the period 1960-1980. In general, the whole heat net is rundown and in great need of great renovation. The need for renovation combined with the ambitious goal of 50 % renewable power in 2030, creates a great need for Danish energy solutions in Kazakhstan.Kazakhstan is going through a huge energy transition. The existing combined heat and power (CHP)

The Danish delegation visited the building site of TEC 3, a CHP plant to be built in the period 2014-2018 for a total investment sum of approx. DKK 8 billion. Several of the Danish companies will deliver technology and know-how.


To ensure continuing collaboration with Danish companies, DBDH signed a Memorandu

DBDH Kazsakhstan 017

m of Understanding (MoU) with the Kazakh high-energy efficiency organization “KAVEIK”. Pia Zimmermann from DBDH explains: “The purpose of this MoU is to ensure a closer cooperation between the Danish and Kazakh energy companies. Kazakhstan has a goal of changing their energy system, and Danish companies can deliver the solutions needed. By signing the Memorandum of Understanding, we ensure good relations with the Kazakh district heating sector, and show them that we are in it for the long run. ”

DBDH will use the new contacts, when setting up the next trip to Kazakhstan.

Participants in the Danish delegation: Aalborg Engineering, ERA Power, Danfoss, Kamstrup, Grundfos, Salling Plast, SPX, Teplotex, ICT Logistics, EKF.