From Denmark to Shetland (Scotland) – Lerwick district heating scheme, it’s in their DNA

Date: 06/01/2021

In a recent study of Shetlanders it was found that up to 44% of our DNA was of Scandinavian origin. That suggests a lot of Viking tourists formed strong relationships in the islands many years ago! - writes Derek Leask, Executive Director of Shetland Heat Energy and Power.

Shetland was actually part of Denmark up until 1469. At that time King Christian the 1st who was not quite as well off as he wanted to be, pawned the islands to King James the third of Scotland as part of a dowry payment for his daughter Margaret’s marriage to the Scottish king. This was an I.O.U. that was supposed to be redeemed but Scotland formally annexed the islands three years later and they never did return to Denmark. 

What does this all have to do with the Lerwick district heating scheme I hear the reader ask?
Well, back in the 1990’s the Shetland Islands council started looking for new solutions for disposing of domestic and commercial waste and reducing its environmental impact. A UK based organisation may have been expected to look nationally for solutions but with the close connections still prevalent with Scandinavia, Shetland looked across the North Sea to Denmark for inspiration in finding the answer to the problem.
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