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Frese, Kamstrup and Norfors enter into a project collaboration on digital optimization of district heating

by Elaine

Digitization is here to stay, also in the district heating sector.
Therefore, Frese, Kamstrup and Norfors have initiated a project collaboration that will bring together different digital solutions in one platform and thus achieve a synergy effect.

As part of the project, Kamstrup’s analysis program Heat Intelligence will incorporate data from intelligent orbits provided by Frese, and the solution will ensure Norfors’ precise data as well as regulatory options in relation to the various optimization measures that will be initiated during the project.

– Norfors has changed the motivation tariff to a tariff based on return temperature. This paves the way for major energy savings on line losses by reducing network temperatures. To ensure that in the future we also deliver a satisfactory quality to our heating customers, Norfors wants to have the best possible overview of the quality of district heating from the customer’s perspective, explains Jonas Johansen, who is head of district heating projects for Norfors. – The integration of intelligent circuits from Frese allows us to control and monitor our circuits. For example, we can see if there are defects, while we can monitor the differential pressure in more detail, he continues.

The expected result of the project is optimized operation of the district heating, which means savings in energy consumption and thus also reduced CO2 emissions. All of this is something that contributes to the green transition, and which is not least due to the increased amount of data and insight is achieved without compromising customers’ heat delivery.

– In order to realize the full value of the increasing digitalisation and access to more data, it is necessary that both suppliers and district heating plants work together. Through this project, we want with joint solutions to realize some of the great gains that are specifically to be reaped in the district heating sector, explains Steen Schelle Jensen, Head of Business Development – Heat/Cooling at Kamstrup A/S.

The project was launched at the turn of the year and is expected to run for at least six months.

If you want to know more about the project collaboration, you can contact:

Martin Overbjerg, Frese. Tlf: 58560000 Mail: mov@frese.dk
Bjarne Sig Halkjær, Kamstrup. Tlf: 89931000 Mail: bsh@kamstrup.dk
Jonas Johansen, Norfors. Tlf: 45160500 Mail: jj@norfors.dk