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by Linda Bertelsen

Frederikshavn utility supplies heat and hot water for private households and businesses in the city of Frederikshavn.

District heating is a great way to harness the energy, because each household avoids having its own facility. The heat comes from the waste CHP plant in Frederikshavn, Frederikshavn CHP plant, and from two local boiler plants. The two CHP plants produce electricity and heat thus exploiting their energy most efficiently.

Waste first – then natural gas

The main source is the waste CHP plant, which supplies all the heat in the summer and runs all year round. The waste CHP plant represents 35% of the heat to the customers. During the winter season, the utility starts the CHP plant, which supplies an additional 5% of the consumption.

Two boiler houses

The last 60% of the heat is produced in two smaller boiler houses in Frederikshavn. They are used at peak load or when the electricity prices are so low that it is not worthwhile to start the turbines at Frederikshavn CHP plant.

The heated water exits to the customers where it becomes heat in the radiators and heats the household’s hot water. The utility annually produces 224,000 MWh, which flow into a pipeline of 207 km of main lines and 201 km pipe lines.

The supply utility works preventively and focused on reducing the impacts that the production has on the environment, employees and the surrounding community.

Frederikshavn utility is a multi-utility group, which consists of 8 companies and about 200 employees and has a turnover of approximately 600 million DKK annually. Our task is to ensure a stable supply of electricity, water and heat as well as to provide for the treatment of sewage and waste.

We are a developing and attractive workplace with a decentralized structure in which employees’ efforts and the interaction of the organization create the result.

Contact info

Frederikshavn Forsyning
Knivholtvej 15, 9900 Frederikshavn, Denmark forsyningen@forsyningen.dk Telephone: +45 9829 9000
Claus Reimann Petersen
Managing Director
clre@forsyningen.dk Telephone: +45 2090 2450
Lars B. Østergaard
Utility Manager
laos@forsyningen.dk Telephone: +45 5163 3100