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Frederiksberg Municipality help citizens climate-proof their houses

by dbdh

Many homeowners would like to climate-proof their homes, but they do not know how to go about the task.

As the first municipality in the country, Frederiksberg has now reached an agreement on the establishment of a climate feature in Frederiksberg Utility that will help homeowners. Minister of Environment Ida Auken welcomes the initiative.

Ida Auken visited Frederiksberg Utility last month to hear more about the scheme: “Prevention is the best way to get safely through a massive cloudburst and by climate-proofing home or business much money can be saved… We need good examples, such as Frederiksberg, which can show other municipalities how to get started with climate security”, said Environment Minister Ida Auken.
Mayor of the City of Frederiksberg, Jørgen Glenthøj, was happy to tell the Ministerabout the system: “Many people are unsure how to go about this task which is fully understandable. But now there is an expert in risk areas who can tell people about what they can do and the possibilities of financial support. It will be a great addition to the overall climate adaptation plan and the efforts that the municipality has adopted and launched. Together this provides a significant boost in this area”, Jørgen Glenthøj said.

The employee must analyze data and identify properties that are particularly at risk from torrential rain and other effects of climate change. Next, the employee must advise the public about the solutions that will be best – and possibly help with the planning.
In addition the employee must also strengthen the general information about how to manage rainwater effectively, in order to avoid floods.

Source: Frederiksberg Forsyning