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by Linda Bertelsen
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Frederiksberg Forsyning (FF) is the local utility company in Frederiksberg – a Danish municipality of 9 km2 with 104,000 inhabitants. 

The core of their work is to ensure that the people of Frederiksberg secure a safe access to climate-friendly water and energy of high quality. The company does that through the supply of domestic gas, tap water, district cooling and heating, production of wind energy, wastewater management and improved handling of extreme rain through climate change adaption.

FF has approximately 160 employees developing, maintaining, and renewing Frederiksberg’s networks, approving customer installations and controlling meters.

District heating

  • FF’s district heating experience dates back to 1903
  • Today more than 99% of Frederiksberg is supplied by district heating
  • FF has approximately 5,000 district heating customers and a turnover of 500 million DKK (2019) from a sale of 680,000 MWh
  • FF supervises the supply of district heating, district cooling, water, gas, and sewerage 24/7/365 from a control center shared with CTR, the central heating transmission company of Greater Copenhagen

Know-how and services

  • FF offers know-how and many services to CTR and other district heating companies along with energy advising and remote control of customer installations
  • Frederiksberg Forsyning strives to be known as economically, environmentally and socially responsible

Contact info

Frederiksberg Forsyning
Stæhr Johansens Vej 38, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark ff@frb-forsyning.dk Tel: +45 3818 5000
Henrik Bay
Plan and Project Manager at Frederiksberg Forsyning A/S