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Framework conditions for district cooling cost thousands of jobs

by dbdh

Comment by Lars Hummelmose, Managing Director DBDH:

Better district cooling framework in Denmark will create thousands of jobs and open up to a lucrative export market. Therefore, DBDH, the Confederation of Danish Industry, and the Danish District Heating Association have initiatived a discussion of the issues at a meeting with the Danish Energy Agency .

” District heating and cooling must be governed by the same principles; otherwise we will never get the amount of district cooling to which Denmark has the potential . Thus we miss vital reference projects, innovation and experience accumulation, which can create the next export export adventure for Danish companies”, says Lars Hummelmose.

The Danish Energy Agency has initiated a study to identify the need for district cooling in Denmark aa well as the synergies of district cooling with district heating . The results of the study are expected to be available in March 2014.

” When the results of the studies are available, we will enter into dialogue with the politicians about what needs to be changes so that we can get started with the expansion of district cooling in Denmark”, says Lars Hummelmose .