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Food leftovers become heat

by dbdh

A food grinder can change fish leftovers, fried potatoes and onion peels into mush, which biogas plant can use to create heat.

At a renowned Danish restaturant, they have had a plant since October last year, and here are leftovers no longer thrown out.

The grinder turns leftovers from the day’s lunch into mush, which is pumped into large tanks, and it is later transported to a biogas plant to be turned into energy.

“There is a lot of focus on food waste in these years and we have many customers that care about the environment”, says the director of restaurant Papegøjehaven Lars Mouritzen.

Earlier the restaurant daily threw out barrels of waste, but now mostly all is recycled.

The company behind the grinder, Biotrans Nordic, says that about 25 restaurants, hospitals and schools have a grinder in the kitchen.

Source: The Danish District Heating Association