Date: 10/04/2014

Register for the FREE Cogeneration & On-site Power Production and POWER-GEN Europe
Virtual Online Conference and Exhibition, 14:00 – 18:00 GMT, May 20 2014

The Cogeneration & On-Site Power Production inaugural virtual event, will take place in the run-up to POWER-GEN Europe 2014. The key issues facing the decentralized sector across Europe will be discussed by industry experts and thought-leaders.

1. Join the debate with your peers to influence how Europe can use decentralized energy to meet energy demands

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4. Hear from Industry Experts that have the experience and the insights and have your questions answered during live Q&As.

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6. Attendance is absolutely free!


As the cost of conventional fuels continue to rise in Europe and the pressure from our legislators to move towards a more sustainable and lower carbon electric power system increases, the shift towards a model based on distributed generation or decentralized energy makes more and more sense. Energy efficiency through cogeneration today saves Europe at least 15Mtoe of energy imports each year, and it is still underdeveloped in Europe.

With the recent introduction of the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU, increasing the energy efficiency of the European Union’s power sector is now a top priority, and combined heat and power and other decentralized energy resources will play a fundamental role in achieving this.

Germany’s Integrated Energy and Climate Programme has the goal to double electricity output through CHP plants by 2020, meaning 25 percent of the all electricity in the country will come from cogeneration.

With the importance of decentralized energy increasing to meet energy demands, there is no better time to do business in Europe.