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Five new initiatives will strengthen the export of Danish green energy technology.

by Linda Bertelsen
Biogas plant behind maize field

The Danish Energy Agency has pledged € 707,000 in grants for five projects. The projects promote Danish energy export efforts by expanding Denmark’s authority cooperation on future growth markets via public-private collaborations. The pool supports i.a. biogas in South Africa.

As part of the Energy Agreement in 2018, funds were set aside for a subsidy pool, which will strengthen the export efforts of Danish energy technology. The application round for 2022, where € 1,107,000 was allocated, is now completed. In total, five public-private partnerships meet the pool’s formal application criteria. They have collectively sought funding for projects for € 707,000, and a full commitment has been given to all five projects.

The projects focus on exploring new export opportunities by putting Danish expertise into play, e.g., feasibility studies, market analyses, and matchmaking between companies. The projects target sector integration in the USA and Japan, district heating in Germany, biogas in South Africa, and Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) in Canada.

Danish knowledge and technology must support the production of biogas in South Africa.

The pool supports, among others, a project which aims to promote the export of Danish biogas technology to South Africa. The country is expected to have great potential for utilizing waste products from households, industry, and agriculture for energy purposes. Through feasibility studies and mapping, the project will increase Danish companies’ knowledge and access to the South African market and increase South African understanding of Danish solutions. The purpose is to improve the possibilities for developing biogas plants in South Africa with Danish knowledge and technology.

The next round of applications for the pool will be announced in 2023.

For more information, contact: eksporttilskud@ens.dk

About the subsidy pool

The energy agreement from 2018 allocates a total of € 23.333.000 in 2019-2024 to lift export promotion efforts in the energy area. Every year in 2019-2024, funds are set aside for a grant pool to promote this effort. The purpose of the pool is to contribute to increased exports of Danish energy technology by expanding Denmark’s authority cooperation in future growth markets via public-private collaborations.

About Denmark’s international energy cooperation

Denmark has authority cooperation on energy with 24 countries, which emit 70 percent of the world’s CO2. In addition, there are several national collaborations of shorter duration, e.g., under the scheme Danish Energy Transition Initiative. By building knowledge and capacity in the partner countries’ national authorities, political decision-makers can make sustainable and cost-effective energy policy decisions supporting the global green transition.

Translated from article by The Danish Energy Agency