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Finding the city to demonstrate Sino-Danish heat planning

by Linda Bertelsen

A key decision in the ‘Supporting the clean heating transition in China’ project is which city to choose for the detailed heat planning.

The first step was to setup selection criteria. There were two things on the list of criteria that were especially important: The city should be representative for other cities in northern China, and both the city and DH company should be ambitious and committed to a close collaboration with the project.

The second step was to discuss the criteria, important stakeholders, and candidate cities with the Sino-Danish expert panel on district heating. The panel is organized through the Danish Energy Agency and holds very prominent Danish, Chinese, and international members.

workshop with expert panel

The third step was to investigate all candidate cities, and then decide on a city. Since large reductions in the use of coal for heating is a firm target in China, the city and this project should demonstrate how this can be done – through good heat planning and integrations of new technology.

The search was successful. The city of Taian with the DH company Taian Taishan Heating is the perfect city – meeting all our selection criteria. We can’t wait to get started working with them – and actually – we already have, even if the official meeting with the mayor has not taken place yet.

For more information, contact Hanne Kortegaard Støchkel at hks@dbdh.dk