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Facebook establishes large data centre in Odense

by dbdh

Following three years of confidential preparations with Danish authorities and business partners, the American IT-giant, Facebook, has decided to establish a 55,000 m2 data centre in Odense, Denmark.

The decision follows Apple’s billion DKK investment in a data centre in Viborg in Western Denmark in 2015 and strengthens Denmark’s position as an attractive location for global data centres.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen is very pleased that Facebook has decided to place its new data centre in Denmark: ”I am very happy that Denmark has managed to attract yet another big foreign direct investment. Although only 1% of all companies in Denmark are foreign, they are responsible for 20% of all Danish jobs. For this reason, the Danish Government works continuously to attract more foreign investments to Denmark. Facebook’s investment is the result of a strong collaboration between Invest in Denmark, the Investment Promotion Association of Western Denmark and Odense municipality, and a great example of how joint efforts can create jobs, growth and development in Denmark.”

Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Christian Lilleholt, also welcomes the efforts made by Odense to gather Danish strongholds in a local environment. He adds: “As a Minister appointed on Fyn, I am of course proud of Facebook’s investment in Odense, but this investment also represents a broad recognition of Denmark as a country that has something special to offer. We have one of the world’s best energy systems with large amounts of green energy, high energy security, speedy fiber connections and competitive energy prices. This billion kroner investment shows that we are in the top league, and further, that maintaining this position – which the government is committed to – will produce tangible results. ”

Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Brian Mikkelsen welcomes another digital company to set up a branch of its business in Denmark and by that contributing to digital growth: “The government has set ambitious goals to transform Denmark into a digital future and seize the opportunities that digitisation has to offer. This will benefit companies and the Danes through increased growth, smarter working procedures, better solutions for the environment and much more. Thus, it is of course gratifying to see a major digital company locate in Denmark contributing to this development.”

There is a large growth potential for downstream industries specialised in data centre solutions. The three ministers expect Facebook’s decision to further strengthen Denmark’s chances of becoming a Northern European hub for data centres and increase the focus on business opportunities in Denmark.

For further information, please contact:

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