Extension of Amsterdam heat network in the works

Date: 23/05/2017

Dutch utility Nuon is working on expanding Amsterdam’s district heating network between IJburg and Zeeburg Island.
Amsterdam canal scene
Nuon is investigating the possibilities for further construction of the thermal transport pipeline from Zeeburg Island to the Eastern Port area in Amsterdam.

The heat transport pipeline is needed to provide existing and future homes in the Eastern Port area with residual heat from the electricity plant in Diemen. Nuon already supplies residual heat to houses on Java Island, Sporenburg, Rietland and Borneo via boilers. These boilers will be removed as the expansion takes place.

Extension of the heating network in Amsterdam is one of the pillars of ‘Sustainable Amsterdam’. That ambition is aimed at connecting 230,000 homes to the heat network by 2040. That represents 40% of the city’s urban development.

The construction of this heat transport pipeline contributes to the ambition of the city of Amsterdam to reduce CO2 emissions. Also, by expanding the heating network, it is possible to connect multiple energy sources in the future, the so-called open network.

Source: Decentralised Energy