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Exporting DH technologies to Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey

by Linda Bertelsen

The Trade council sector experts have politically and economically mapped the district energy market opportunities in four markets.

They have identified very concrete business and export opportunities for Danish companies in current and upcoming district energy projects. We believe that the Danish district energy success story can be a best-case example to emerging district energy markets like these. And what we want is to match the business opportunities in these markets with Danish district energy companies.

See this webinar and learn about the attractive business opportunities in the four countries from the local district energy experts who show you how to tap into these. The report points to specific projects that Danish companies may target including the key stakeholders to approach. Since district energy is an emerging market in the Region, there is a unique opportunity for first-mover advantages for the Danish companies. We provide a platform where Danish companies may educate the stakeholders and decision-makers in the mentioned markets and exploit the business opportunities deriving from this.

Publication date: March 3, 2020

Country presentations

  • Croatia, by Zarko Masanovic, Head of Trade Council Croatia
  • Serbia, by Nenad Mitosevic, Head of Trade Council Serbia
  • Romania, by Razvan Stroe, Head of Trade Council Romania
  • Turkey, by Seda Kayrak, Senior Trade Manager Turkey

Moderator, Morten Jordt Duedahl, Business Development Manager, DBDH

Trade council sector experts

Zarko Masanovic
Head of Trade Council Denmark in Croatia
Nenad Mitosevic
Head of Trade Council Denmark in Serbia
Razvan Stroe
Head of Trade Council Denmark in Romania
Seda Kayrak
Senior Trade Manager, Trade Council of Denmark in Turkey

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