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Every fifth Danish export crown comes from energy

by dbdh

56,000 jobs and more than a fifth of the Danish export. This is just a part of the energy industry’s importance to Denmark, which for the first time has been made up. The industry provides stable and cost clever energy – as well as contributes significantly to generating jobs and income, which makes the Danish welfare state possible. According to DI Energy and the Danish Energy Association, who recently published a new report on the Danish energy industry, the export of DKK 125 billion constitutes an important part of the picture.

The Danish energy industry consists of a broad range of organisations that produce and deliver energy, as well as producers of new energy technologies and services. As such, there are many sources of the significant export of DKK 125 billion, which the total energy production accounts for.

This is evident in a new report, published by DI Energy and the Danish Energy Association in collaboration with a Danish consultancy firm. It is the first time that the entire energy industry’s contributions to society are measured in this way. And this raises an interesting point, says Troels Ranis, Director of Danish Industry and highlights the fact that 56,000 Danes in 2013 made a living from working in the Danish energy industry.

“The energy industry constitutes a cornerstone of Danish export. Today, when international companies or countries look to invest in the newest energy technologies, they look towards Denmark. As a result, the energy industry brings home billions of DKK to Denmark and employs more than 56,000 Danes”, says Troels Ranis.

More specifically, every fifth DKK of Danish export comes from the energy industry. Therefore, it makes sense to politically view the energy industry as a profession. This means that the big value creation for Denmark that the energy industry provides through e.g. massive export should be incorporated more actively in future policy making.

“It should raise political attention. Because it shows that energy producers, electricity distributors, and our entire industry not only creates a good framework for the business community, but also in itself is important. And even though lower oil prices poses a challenge for the total energy industry, companies from e.g. the green sector are willing to contribute more, if the regulatory framework is right”, says Lars Aagaard CEO, Danish Energy Association.

He points out that Danish demand for new energy technology, for example, increases the chances of success of innovative Danish energy solutions in export markets. As a result, there are strong links between an energy system on the cutting edge, effective energy consumption, and new export opportunities abroad.

Source: Danish Energy Association / State of Green