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Export promotion to Bavaria and the option to add a workshop in Düsseldorf

June 20, 2017 - June 23, 2017

Export promotion to Bavaria and the option to add a workshop in Düsseldorf

First, a visit to Bavaria for a classic 2 day promotion tour including a few meetings with Stadtwerke and also a broader seminar in Nürnberg. The export promotion program has been organized in cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Germany, AGFW, VKU and Stadtwerke Nürnberg.

Secondly, the embassy and DBDH invite you to continue to Düsseldorf, for a workshops with a few NRW Stadtwerke. The workshop in Düsseldorf build on our long term relations with authorities and Stadtwerke in NRW.

An overview of the proposed program:

Tuesday June 20th – Bavaria

  • 9.00: Meeting with Stadtwerke 1 (Name to be confirmed)
  • 1.00: Meeting with Stadtwerke 2 (Name to be confirmed)
  • If time allows: Meeting with Stadtwerke 3
  • Dinner with a few representatives from Bavarian district heating organisations

Wednesday June 21st – Nürnberg

  • 09.00: Meeting with Stadtwerke Nürnberg
  • Noon: Bavaria – Denmark Distict Heating seminar
  • Evening: Transport to Nürnberg (app 4 hours – own cost)

Thursday June 22nd – Düsseldorf

  • 11am – 5 pm – workshop with Stadtwerke

Price for these events:
The price for participation in the two day export promotion to Bavaria is (per company):

  • 8,900 DKK (ex. VAT) (one representative per company)
  • 10,900 DKK (ex. VAT) (up to three representatives per company)

The extra workshop in Düsseldorf:

  • 6,000 DKK per company, SME discount 2,000 DKK

Both events are co-sponsored by the Danish Trade Council, hence the very attractive prices.




June 20, 2017
June 23, 2017




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