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District heating sector visit KAZAKHSTAN

31. March 2014 - 4. April 2014

District heating sector visit KAZAKHSTAN

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In cooperation with Danish Consulate General in St. Petersburg, we invite you to join a Sector Visit to Kazakhstan. The visit will take place in the period 31 March to 4 April and will focus on the two main cities: Astana & Almaty

The event will be headed by the Danish Consul General Klaus Sørensen, and will run for two days in Astana and one day in Almaty with focus on the district heating sector.

Kazakhstan is an economy in transit and is still in the process of developing a favourable business environment. Kazakhstan has entered into a customs union with Russia and Belarus and is negotiating with the WTO. This has resulted in an increase in industrial output and a GDP growth of roughly 5% in 2009-2012. It has increased Kazakhstan’s international ranking in global competitiveness and attracted more than 8,000 foreign companies. The improved economic conditions combined with Kazakhstan’s favourable location with access to Europe and Asia, its growing middle class, makes it a very interesting country for Danish companies.

The main focus will be to meet relevant business partners in the district heating sector during round table meetings, and to be informed about the ongoing projects and discuss possibilities for cooperation with Danish companies. Apart from round table meetings, the Danish participating companies will have the possibility to present their solutions, and will during B-2-B meetings and networking activities get in close contact with the stakeholders in the Kazakh district heating sector.

By 2012, the system of District Heating in Kazakhstan is based on 40 heat & power stations with a combined production of heat and electricity (CHP). This type of heating systems are widespread in Kazakhstan, and operate in 29 cities.

The cities which use district heating systems service more than 70% of the population.

The existing combined heat and power (CHP) plants built in Kazakhstan are mainly from the period 1960-1980. District heating systems based on CHP have undergone the largest development in the North zone of Kazakhstan, but also to some extent in the southern and western part of Kasakhstan. The heat sources are mainly coal, natural gas and a small part of fuel oil (5%).

Astana district heating sector overview

JSC “Astanaenergoservice” is the supplier of heat and electrical power in Astana. Energy conservation policy in Astana implements mainly JSC “Astanaenergoservice”. The aim of JSC “Astanaenergoservice” is heat and energy supply to the capital of Kazakhstan, providing reliable work of the city energy system.

The visit will among others focus on the below companies and organisations, and further be based on particular wishes from the final group of Danish participating companies:




PI «Astanaproekt»

PI «Akmolproekt»

RGP «Gosekspertiza»

PI «Astanagorproekt»

TOO «A-san»

Almaty district heating sector overview

The biggest central heating system is located in Almaty. JSC “Almaty Power Consolidated” was renamed in 2009 to Alatau Zharyk Kompaniyasy JSC and is the main heat supplier. Alatau Zharyk Kompaniyasy JSC cooperates with KEGOC, and is a reliable partner of other power companies of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan which altogether form a uniform Power System of the Central Asia. JSC “Almatyteplokommunenergo” producing heat energy is part of the Company group “Holding Almaty Zhyly” together with “Almatinskye Teplovyie Sety” doing the transfer, distribution and delivery of heat energy. JSC “KazNIIE” is the former scientific and research institute that is working on the research in the energy sector, among other things studying renewables, etc.

The visit will among others focus on the below companies and organisations, and further be based on particular wishes from the final group of Danish participating companies:


LLP ” Almatygiprogor -1″

LLP “Basis project LTD”

LLP ” Kazakh Santehproekt ”

TOO CPM “Asia Story”

Holding JSC ” Almaty Zhylu ” and LLP ” Almaty heating networks” Reception (58), CEO Alimbekov Dauren Asylbekovich

LLP “Global Building Contract”

LLP “Enterprise Capital Construction Almaty City Administration ”

Department of Housing

Kazakhstan Sustainable Energy Fond

Renewable energy potential in Kazakhstan

The climatic conditions are favourable for using solar energy almost at all territory of Kazakhstan. The highest solar energy resource potential takes place in the southern part of the country and in the regions near the Aral Sea and Lake Balkesh. Near Almaty the thermal water with temperature 80-120C is used for heating green houses in winter and for air conditioning in the summertime.

Important program elements of the visit include meetings and networking with Akimat (energy, housing) in both cities with participation of key companies from the district heating sector, design institutes, district heating companies and business partners, and during the round table meetings, Danish companies will be able to present their technologies and solutions and will learn more about ongoing projects in Almaty and Astana, where there is a need for Danish participants with solutions and equipment.

The preliminary program is as follows:

31 March

  • Individual travelling to Astana

1 April

  • Site visits
  • Meetings with Akimat (profile departments)

2 April

  • Round table meeting hosted by Akimat of Astana; Presentation of Danish companies,
  • Presentation of Projects in Astana, Q & A,
  • Buffet lunch including networking and B-2-B meetings
  • Departure for Almaty

3 April

  • Round table meeting hosted by Akimat of Almaty; Presentation of Danish companies,
  • Presentation of Projects in Almaty, Q & A,
  • Buffet lunch including networking and B-2-B meetings
  • Site visits.

4 April

  • Individual departures

Travel Arrangement (from Denmark):

31 March

  • 12.25-16.50 SU2659, Copenhagen-Moscow (SVO)
  • 23.40-05.05+1 KC874 (Moscow (SVO)-Astana

2 April

  • 18.10-19.50 KC996, Astana-Almaty

4 April

  • 06.05-08.55 KC871, Almaty-Moscow (SVO)
  • 10.55-11.35 Moscow (SVO)-Copenhagen

Price will depend on time of booking, but is approx. DKK 5,500 incl. taxes. Contact Annette Paludan, BCD Travel, at tel. 3915 4581 for booking.

Hotels in Astana & Almaty will be arranged by the Danish Consulate General. The price level is approx. DKK 700-1200 per night.


DBDH has received approval for co-financing from the Trade Council of Denmark, and the price for participation will be DKK 17,500 per company. This price includes all shared costs of the project, local transport and buffet lunches according to the program. Only individual costs like travel, accommodation and optional dinners are not included.

Do you want to join?

The registration form must be filled out and returned to the DBDH secretariat before 7 February, 2014. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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31. March 2014
4. April 2014
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District Heating Sector Visit Kazakhstan
Astana & Almaty, Kazakhstan