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9th biannual conference – Serbian-Danish District Heating Days in Vrnjačka Banja

April 18, 2023 April 21, 2023

Will you join us at the 9th biannual district heating event in Serbia – addressing the green agenda through district heating?


Over the years, DBDH has built a valuable relationship with the Serbian district heating association: SERBSKA TOPLA (TOPS), which opens access to the political level and important decision-makers in the Serbian sector for district heating. We are pleased to invite you to join the 9th bi-annual event arranged in cooperation with TOPS!

Why participate?

District heating in Serbia remains heavily carbon dependent. Gas powers 80-90% of district heating’s total energy consumption. Most of the remaining energy is also obtained from carbon-based sources with limited cogeneration and renewables. However, with the latest developments in European energy markets and price uncertainties – as long-term gas supply agreements expire – Serbia’s push towards more energy and operational efficiency is heating up – both on the production and consumption side.

Serbia – in its aspirations to advance its green agenda and commitments made to the EU – is a growing market with an increasing understanding of the importance of energy efficiency and air pollution.

Serbia is a partner country implementing several European and international initiatives to improve energy efficiency. Local funds for energy efficiency are set up, and the first projects have been rolled out to improve the public sector’s energy efficiency. This represents opportunities for Danish companies involved in district heating. Implementing these measures and policies is, to some extent, done through district heating companies.

TOPS now has over 70 members from all over Serbia, and the twenty largest district heating companies combined have about €400M of annual turnover with 3600 employees combined. Many of them are in the process of expansion, and some are more actively looking into cogeneration and renewables as solutions. On our ninth biannual gathering in 2023, we will have an opportunity to talk with decision-makers and technical people of district heating companies and Serbian government officials on subjects concerning the improvement of the operation of district heating systems in Serbia.

Who will you meet?

The two-day event in Serbia is a top-level meeting with decision-makers and technical staff of all relevant district heating companies in Serbia. Among the invited participants are government officials underlining the importance of topics and international financial institutions capable of financing promising projects and initiatives.

The district heating sector in Serbia wishes to benefit from cooperation with Danish companies concerning Danish know-how and technologies. The bi-annual event brings together the Serbian and Danish district heating sectors and creates new possibilities for all.

Participation includes

• Meeting more than 70 participants representing managers of Serbian Heating plants and leaders and decision-makers in Serbian municipalities.
• Meeting members of the Serbian Ministry of Energy (will be invited).
• Getting complete access to the district heating and utility sector and the regions that are members of TOPS.
• Presenting your technology and solutions during the seminar
• Participation in a workshop between Danish companies and the Serbian district heating sector
• unique possibilities for networking during both professional and social parts of the District Heating Days.
• Networking social event with visit to Žiča monastery and Gala Dinner arranged by TOPS.
• List with contact details of all participants of the event
• Transfer from Belgrade to Vrnjačka Banja and return


18 April, 2023
Individual traveling – transfer from Belgrade
14.00 Check-in at Hotel Zepter Vrnjačka Banja, https://zepterhotelvbanja.com
17.00-19.00 Regular Session of the Assembly of the District Heating Business Association “TOPLANE SRBIJE” (DHBA Serbia)
19.30 Dinner at the hotel

19 April, 2023
08.45-09.00 Coffee & registration

09.00-09.15 Welcome by
▪ Deputy Head of Mission and First Secretary Mr. Frederik Damgaard Jensen
▪ Assistant ministers MoME Mr. Milan Macura
▪ Mr. Dejan Stojanovic, Director of TOPS
▪ Ms Pia Zimmermann, Export Manager, DBDH

09.15 Green transition of the district heating sector – including surplus heat from data centers
Mr. Lars Gullev, Western Copenhagen Transmission Company

09.35 Integration of the heat pump technologies in the district heating sector in Serbia – opportunities and challenges
Ivana Radulovic, Niras

09.55 Heating solutions
Mr. Branko Crnčević, Kamstrup

10.15 Next generation valve technology!
Andrzej Gonczar, Broen

10.35 Coffee break

10.55 Hydronic Machine – system inovations and solutions making DH systems efficient, with low-cost investment and maintenance“ .
Amer Karabegović, Senior Business devellopment Manager, Danfoss Trata.

11.15 Boosting the Green Transition by Integrating Green Technologies
Andreas Zourellis, Vice President of Technical Sales, International Markets
Aalborg CSP

11.35 Twin pipe system impact in Total Cost of Ownership
Mr. Andrei Bita, Logstor

11.55 Cost optimization by achieving correct water parameters
by Ernst Kristensen, Hydro X

13.00-15.00 Workshops between DH sector in Serbia and Danish companies

15.00-15.45 Lunch

16.00 Site tours for Serbian and Danish participants: Monastery Žiča, Grabak Winery – tour of tastings of 6 wines and cheeses

21.00 Gala Dinner

20 April, 2023


Pia Zimmermann, Export Manager
+45 29 26 03 80 pz@dbdh.dk


We have excellent support from the Danish Trade Council, so we can offer a really attractive price for participating in this program.
The price is DKK 16,000 ex. VAT per company including one person. Extra persons will pay DKK 2,000 ex. VAT
The price is based on co-financing by the Danish Trade Council, which means your company must sign the Trade Council’s virksomhedsskema and can receive support under the EU “de minimis” rules.

Deadline and conditions

If you wish to reserve your place in the event, please sign up by emailing pz@dbdh.dk at – the latest 6 March 2023.

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