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Eurowater – A Grundfos Company

by Linda Bertelsen

SILHORKO-EUROWATER is a leading Danish/European manufacturer specialized in water treatment solutions with absolutely minimum contents of chemicals – and focus on water/energy saving technology.

Water treatment with no/minimum chemicals involved fits very well with the sustainable way of thinking in modern district heating and is now being implemented within district heating in Denmark. This based on previous experience and specific recommendations from the Danish District Heating Association issued in September 2015. The full recommendation can be downloaded from our website www.eurowater.com

Designing water treatment solutions

As a company, we are involved in both technical/industrial water applications as well as drinking water – however, our main business area is the district heating and energy sector (including CHP plants/waste-to-energy plants/boiler heating plants etc.). We have been involved in this sector for several decades. Therefore we have acquired valuable competences in designing water treatment solutions that protect the district heating plant/network assets against corrosion – resulting in a long-life cycle for the entire plant- and pipeline network equipment. Minimizing the use of chemicals is one factor to reduce OPEX but also an important consideration related to health & safety aspects. Another factor is to provide solutions with low water and energy consumption. Furthermore, our compact solutions saves expensive floor space and helps bring down costs for our partners.

Full-circle assistance

Apart from design, manufacturing and supply we also offer full-circle assistance related to installation, commissioning and after-sales-service. Applications include make-up water for district heating, boiler feed water, cooling water as well as solutions related to treatment of flue gas condensate, etc.

The pre-engineered product range among other things includes pressure filters, softeners, reverse osmosis units, EDI, membrane degassers, UV units, and containerized units for rental and sale.

SILHORKO-EUROWATER is an independent company with more than 365 highly qualified employees represented internationally in most European countries – either through subsidiary companies or through local distributors that all are water treatment specialists with local service facilities.


  • Drinking water applications
  • Process water applications
  • Boiler water applications
  • District heating water applications
  • Cooling water applications
  • Rinse water applications


30+ countries

Contact info

Aarhusvej 79, 8660 Skanderborg, Denmark Telephone: +45 8793 8300
Thomas Dalsgaard
Head of Department, Technical Water
Mobile: +45 5060 2415 tda.dk@silhorko.dk