European Energy

by Linda Bertelsen

European Energy develops and builds wind and solar farms. We are present in Europe and several emerging markets across the globe and have developed renewable power generation assets totalling nearly 2GW in installed capacity.

In recent years European Energy has invested heavily into downstream business areas such as Power-to-X (Hydrogen and E-methanol) and electrification of district heating via heat pumps. European Energy is perfectly positioned to offer innovative business models and technical solutions to the district heating sector and other clients with larger heating and cooling applications.

We collaborate with consultants, designers and clients in the design, installation and service of Heat Pump Solutions from Victor Energy Solutions, a European Energy company group member.

Victor Energy Solution offer heat pump solutions for heating and/or cooling application and gas/heat pump hybrid solutions. We focus on commercial / industrial scale heat pumps starting from 300kW and up to multi-MW installations. With 100+MW installed reference capacity we have documented know-how with generating heating from energy sources such as ambient air, sewage, marine, datacentres (heating/cooling) etc.

Our heat pump design solutions are sold to clients but can also be offered as financed ESCO solutions with take-off agreement and complimented by solar energy or wind generation assts developed and supplied by European Energy.


  • ESCO projects with Power & Heat/Cooling take-off agreements
  • Heat Pump & Gas Hybrid Systems
  • Heat Pump Solutions for District Heating/Cooling and Commercial/Industrial Applications
  • Solar & Wind Power Development
  • Turn-key heat pump solutions with/without PV/Wind electrical generations assets


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European Energy
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