European Energy acquires Danish PtX company

Date: 18/11/2021

European Energy has acquired 100% of the Power-to-X company REIntegrate, which means that REIntegrate will be part of a newly established Power-to-X department in European Energy, with Emil Vikjær-Andresen as the head.

Emil Vikjær-Andresen has worked with renewable energy since 2013, including five years with European Energy.

"As we have seen in the past year, the demand for PtX solutions already exists. It is an untapped market where we have a unique opportunity to gain experience and know-how about the fuel solutions of the future. We have now established a competent and experienced team, and we are delighted to be able to drive this innovation forward in Denmark", says Emil Vikjær-Andresen. With the acquisition of REdelighted, European Energy has established a new office in Støvring, at the current REIntegrate offices.

Decarbonization of sectors

During the year, interest in PtX solutions and e-fuels has only become more intense from across society. European Energy is currently developing several PtX projects in Denmark. It will use its position as a frontrunner in the PtX sector to look at industries that have been difficult to make green, including maritime transport and the plastics industry.
"We know that with the help of PtX, we can decarbonize sectors that otherwise cannot be electrified directly, and we are a frontrunner in this area. We will expand our PtX activities as we want to provide solutions within the entire value chain of green energy to our customers. It can be anything from producing renewable electricity to more refined products such as green hydrogen and e-methanol", says Emil Vikjær-Andresen.

Earlier this year, REIntegrate, European Energy, and Maersk signed an agreement to supply e-methanol to Maersk's first container ship that can sail on e-methanol. The e-methanol will be delivered in 2023 with a volume of min. 10,000 tons annually. In November 2020, a contract was entered with the fuel distributor Circle K, which will have 50 million liters of e-methanol delivered by 2023.

Translated from the Danish article "European Energy køber dansk PtX-virksomhed" published by Maria Berg Sauna Pedersen at Energy Supply on November 12th, 2021