EU report identifies cogeneration as an important option for biomass feedstock efficiency

Date: 05/07/2013

The European Environment Agency report ‘EU bioenergy from a resource efficiency perspective’ discusses the use of bioenergy from a resource efficiency perspective, identifying cogeneration of heat and power as an important option.

According to the EEA analysis, the most efficient energy use of biomass is for heating and electricity as well as advanced biofuels, also called ‘second generation’ biofuels.

The report concludes that: “From a resource efficiency perspective, increasing total output from a given input requires that such losses be minimised and/or used productively. Cogeneration of heat and electricity is an important option for converting biomass feedstock efficiently.”

The report goes on to say that bioenergy should be produced in line with EU objectives to use resources more efficiently. This means reducing the land and other resources needed to produce each unit of bioenergy and avoiding environmental harm from bioenergy production.

Source: COSPP