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English and Scottish District Heating Mentoring

by Linda Bertelsen

Last week, experts from Denmark and the UK specializing in district heating (DH) convened in London, Durham, and Sheffield to support the DH roll-out in the UK.

Six groups comprising local authorities from Scotland and England are participating in a year-long mentoring program. Each group collaborates closely with either a senior manager from a leading Danish DH company or a highly experienced municipal planner. The objective is to facilitate more efficient, effective, and rapid DH implementations across the UK.

UK moments 2

This program segment entailed interactive workshops for each group, featuring a full-day agenda encompassing discussions, mutual inspiration, learning opportunities, and good old DH fun. Topics ranged from decarbonisation and pricing structures to heat planning and effective stakeholder engagement, spanning from government entities to end consumers who must grasp why DH represents the solution they seek.

Step by step plans (and how to keep people on gas until DH is ready) -17

In Scotland, workshops were previously conducted in Edinburgh and Falkirk, though unfortunately, the session in Motherwell had to be postponed due to severe weather conditions. Gratitude is extended to all hosts and participants for making this possible – it has been a few remarkable tours across most of the UK.

The next step of the program will be the second online group workshop (of four), a two-day visit to Denmark scheduled for April, and, ultimately, a grand DH bonanza in the UK during the summer.


The program has received sponsorship from DESNZ, ScotGov, the Danish Embassy, and the Danish Energy Agency.