Energy development in the Far East and Arctic parts of Russia

Date: 16/02/2021

DBDH has recently been in contact with the export advisor for energy at the Danish  Embassy in Moscow, Dmitry Lapaev, who has prepared an overview of the energy development in the Far East and Arctic parts of Russia.

The importance of Far East and Arctic area as the strategic priority for Russia increased significantly in the last years. The complex modernization of the energy infrastructure in Far East and Arctic is a big part of the Government's development strategy. Nevertheless, the area is extremely vast and heteronomous, and we invite you to a meeting where we will focus on the regions with the potential for the suppliers to district heating. Dmitry Lapaev will make an overview of the big projects of the new planned CHP plants in the big cities and heating supply in smaller towns.

For further information on the report, please contact Pia Zimmermann