Energy company invests in new meters from Kamstrup

Date: 17/01/2013

The company has made an agreement with Kamstrup regarding 30,000 meters as well as a wireless reading system. The company is thus the first to order the new Smart Grid platform Omnia.

Director Klaus Hansen from Østjysk Energy and Director Lars Kristensen from Kamstrup.

The new system for intelligent electricity metering will help optimize the operation of the grid. Installation Manager, Brian Hansen, from Østjysk Energy explains the choice of the Kamstrup solution with their new Omnia system that it contains a number of improvements that will affect Østjysk Energy´s future business and supply security: “We looked at the system´s ease of use, stability and security, and especially with regard to data security it is extremely important to stay ahead. But what we have particularly focused on is that the system is easy to optimize and maintain. We have got a much better overview of the system now.

Source: Energy Supply