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EHP launches new certification programme on eco-efficient substations

by dbdh

Building on the success of the certification programmes of different district heating components, Euroheat & Power is launching a new programme for eco-efficient substations for district heating. The certification programme is based on the CEN Workshop Agreement 16975:2016 “Eco-efficient Substations for District Heating” (hereinafter “CWA”) adopted by the industry representatives in 2015. The new certification programme will put in place a formal procedure allowing the manufacturers of substations to obtain an internationally recognised confirmation from an independent third party that their product conforms to the requirements stipulated in the CWA.

The goals of the certification programme:

  • provide a voluntary certification system which is beneficial for both manufacturers and users
  • provide users an easy way to obtain required assurance of the sufficient quality of the products by introducing a certificate and a label
  • ensure the required quality of eco-efficient substations for district heating
  • provide more uniform, equal and fair competition conditions in Europe and avoid unsound price competition at the expense of quality.
  • avoid/replace multiple/overlapping national certificates and certification schemes

Source: Euroheat & Power