EHP-certificate for Salling Plast

Date: 17/11/2016

Salling Plast has achieved the Euroheat & Power certificate for its pre-insulated district heating fittings

After a long period of intensive work Salling Plast has succeeded to bring home the coveted EHP/001 certificate.

The certificate is issued to companies that are already producing pre-insulated district heating fittings according to the EN253 standard and the certification provides access to a wide range of international markets.

“I have a clear expectation that the certification – in line with our long-term strategy – gives us a competitive advantage, and despite the fact that the certification is only a few months old it has already secured a number of customers in new markets”, Kim Stubbergaard Reese (CSO) says.

The EHP certificate should ensure a consistent, high and cost effective production quality and is valid for six years, after which period the company must be re-certified.