District Heating Wins Against Individual Heat Pumps and Gas – Energy and Climate Academy – once again sharing its expertise

Date: 02/02/2021

As a guest speaker at the recent High-Level Technical Experts Conference on District Heating technologies for Low Energy Density areas, Torben Kirkegaard of Energy and Climate Academy was once again presenting at this well attended event, hosted by Euro Heat and Power. "We all presented new technologies, methodologies and case stories, proving that District Heating is a better solution compared to individual heat pumps and gas in low energy-dense areas with one family buildings."

Windsbach (Nuremberg) municipality with a view to sustainability of the town decided against making natural gas available in the residential area and implemented a district heating network, fuelled by a biogas cogeneration plant instead.

From the strategical point of view, the expansion and development of future District Heating Networks mostly relies on the newly constructed districts with highly energy-efficient residential and office/commercial buildings, forming Low Energy-dense areas. If District Heating is technically and economically viable in low energy-dense areas with individual one family buildings, beating individual heat pumps and gas solutions, it should be viable for all other newly developed Low Energy-dense areas, therefore we have to put a special focus on the development of technologies and potential Business Models for these new Low Energy-dense areas.

  Figure: Hydraulic scheme of the plant room (Source: ENERPIPE)

Further details of the recent Euro Heat and Power event here