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€50m natural gas-to-biomass work proposed

by Kathrine

Investor Rivneteploenergo and the municipality of Rivne have jointly outlined a new strategy to decarbonise the city in western Ukraine.

Last week the two held a press conference to unveil a €50m plan for the “partial” replacement of the city’s natural gas-fired heating with biomass.

Rivneteploenergo managing director Ivan Nadein also said the work would modernise the gas-fired boilers to improve efficiency, while the use of biomass would limit the company’s “dependence on gas prices and stabilise tariffs for customers”.

The project involves installing 30 biomass boilers, which will process pellets and supply about 30-40% of the city’s heat requirements. Natural gas will continue to supply the rest. Nadein also explained that much of the technology used to supply heat was from the Soviet era and now “new technologies and new approaches are needed”.

Source: Endswasteandbioenergy.com