by Linda Bertelsen
EON buys Ingeniør Huse A-S

The aim is to accelerate the expansion of district heating and create a carbon-neutral Europe.

Denmark has a political goal to phase out fossil fuels for heating by 2030. Simultaneously, Russia’s war in Ukraine has further spurred the process of freeing Denmark from Russian gas, accelerating the adoption of district heating for Danish households. In 2024 alone, 190,000 households in Denmark are poised to benefit from district heating expansion.

The EU targets to become carbon-neutral by 2050, a goal E.ON is actively working towards. As Europe’s largest privately-owned energy company, E.ON invested 35 billion DKK in green transition in 2022.

Therefore, E.ON Denmark has acquired Ingeniør Huse A/S to strengthen its technical expertise, ensuring it can meet the demand for sustainable heating and energy solutions in Denmark and across Europe. Ingeniør Huse A/S is an engineering consultancy specializing in future district heating, combustion-free heating, and solutions in heating, Power-to-X, and cooling tailored to the district heating and cooling industry. E.ON’s acquisition aims to support the green transition from fossil fuels in the supply sector, aligning with Denmark’s political agreements and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

For Ingeniør Huse, consolidation with an international partner is crucial to realizing growth ambitions and creating even greater professional depth. Together, E.ON and Ingeniør Huse will offer consultancy and establishment of future energy systems.

Heading Towards a Carbon-Neutral Europe

Ingeniør Huse and E.ON have already collaborated on several projects. E.ON is delighted that Ingeniør Huse is now part of the E.ON Group.
“We at E.ON have ambitious plans to grow and expand our various heating offerings, adapting our business to the market’s need for a rapid green transition. E.ON aims to be the preferred partner in the green transition, having invested over 4.7 billion euros, approximately 35 billion DKK, in renewable energy solutions in Europe in 2022. E.ON has a strategy to grow in green transition to create a carbon-neutral Europe,” says Peter Jonsson, CEO of E.ON Denmark.
E.ON has introduced the concept of district heating, establishing heating centers in smaller towns owned by the local citizens. These innovative projects allow for a faster pace than traditional district heating establishments. Over ten smaller towns in Zealand are already exploring implementing district heating, with more in the pipeline.
The development is moving so rapidly that E.ON Denmark needs additional specialized expertise to meet the challenge, where Ingeniør Huse will play a crucial role. E.ON also sees significant opportunities to develop more new and innovative heating solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs for affordable, efficient, and fossil-free heating solutions.
“We need to realize large projects at a relatively high pace with the right competencies. Ingeniør Huse possesses these competencies, having demonstrated since 2015 that they can bring together skilled engineers and mechanical engineers and successfully realize projects they are involved in. Ingeniør Huse is a valued partner in E.ON today, and we are pleased to welcome them to the E.ON Group,” says Peter Jonsson.

Advantages of Being Part of a Major Energy Corporation

Rasmus Fauerholdt, Director and Founder of Ingeniør Huse A/S, is also excited to be part of the E.ON Group, Europe’s largest privately-owned energy company. Rasmus Fauerholdt will continue as Director of Ingeniør Huse, operating under its own name as an independent company.

“The energy market is undergoing a major transformation throughout Europe. I see many advantages in being part of a large energy corporation like E.ON, which develops new concepts in electricity/heating, cooling, and Power-to-X throughout Europe. Together, we can realize projects that contribute to creating a completely new way of thinking about district heating and place further emphasis on phasing out natural gas,” says Rasmus Fauerholdt.

“In the short term, Ingeniør Huse will continue to grow in Denmark, but the plan is ultimately for Ingeniør Huse to export our knowledge of district heating, cooling, and Power-to-X to all of Europe.”

Specifically, E.ON has ambitions to play an even more significant role as a driving force and partner for municipalities and utility companies in the green transition, where Ingeniør Huse’s competencies in combustion-free production play a key role. The two partners will offer consultancy and establish future energy systems.

E.ON and Ingeniør Huse see significant opportunities in establishing heating and cooling systems using sustainable energy sources and new business models that they believe are needed as the heating sector phases out fossil sources by 2030.

Details about E.ON Denmark:

E.ON Denmark provides sustainable energy solutions and consultancy services to the Danish population. E.ON develops, builds, and operates charging solutions for electric vehicles and district heating for homes, apartments, businesses, or municipalities. E.ON converts residual products into biogas for the gas network and transitions heavy transport to biogas and electricity. With many years in the market, solid capital, and skilled specialists, E.ON can advise on the best energy solutions for customers. E.ON Denmark is part of the E.ON Group, Europe’s largest privately-owned energy company.
E.ON always strives to be an attractive supplier, partner, and workplace, fostering collaboration across departments to provide customers with the best service and most flexible solutions.

Details about Ingeniør Huse:

Ingeniør Huse A/S is an engineering consultancy specializing in future district heating that is combustion-free and includes heating, Power-to-X, and cooling, tailored to the district heating and cooling industry.
The consultancy focuses on renewable energy forms and the design of sustainable production facilities and storage solutions.
District heating, Power-to-X, and district cooling are rapidly evolving areas. Therefore, one of Ingeniør Huse’s core tasks is to stay updated and knowledgeable about the latest developments. Ingeniør Huse always involves customers in the knowledge-sharing process during projects, making decisions together, as ongoing knowledge-sharing is crucial for cooperation, trust, and effective project execution.