Dutch waste-to-energy firm wins Global District Energy Climate Award 2013

Date: 04/11/2013

Ben Messenger, Managing Editor of Waste Management World reports that the Dutch waste-to-energy company, Twence, has been awarded the Global District Energy Climate Award 2013, for its supply of heat to energy utility Essent’s local district heating network and its supply of steam to multi-national paint and chemicals manufacturer, AkzoNobel.

In Hengelo, Netherlands, AkzoNobel operates the largest vacuum salt plant in the world, which produces around 2.5 million tonnes annually.

In 2011 pipelines of over 5 km for the supply of heat and 1.5 km for the supply of steam were completed to connect the waste to energy facility to the salt plant to enable the supply of waste heat. Thanks to these pipelines, Essent and AkzoNobel managed to reduce their consumption of natural gas by a total of 125 million cubic meters (4.414 billion cubic feet) in 2011 and 2012.

The Global District Energy Climate Award, which is given every two years, is an initiative of both Euroheat & Power and the International District Energy Association (IDEA) under the supervision of the Energy Technology Network of the International Energy Agency.

The award is given to organizations around the world that serve as examples for those which offer clean and sustainable solutions for the supply of energy to district heating networks.

Twence CEO Paul de Jong commented: “We are very pleased with this award. It confirms that Twence has been successful in its development towards a raw – materials and energy company. We are also very honored by the praise we received with regard to the high level of social engagement that this initiative has helped us demonstrate as a company.”

Source: IDEA