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Dutch-Danish knowledge sharing

by Linda Bertelsen
Front-Runner Cities II - project launch
Front-Runner Cities II - project launch

Municipalities play a crucial role in ensuring a sustainable transition to heat solutions.

DBDH is proud to facilitate a two-day workshop on district heating (DH) and heat planning in collaboration with Dutch municipalities, the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG), the Danish Energy Agency (DEA), and the Danish Embassy in The Hague.

This event featured a plethora of engaging activities, insightful discussions, and knowledge-sharing sessions dedicated to the advancement of DH in Dutch cities.

During the workshop, we delved into various topics, including heat planning, DH project proposals in Denmark, financing in both Denmark and the Netherlands, the support offered by the DEA to municipalities, and strategies to enhance the perception of district heating in the Netherlands.

We thank the ambassador and the Danish Embassy in The Hague for hosting an exceptional reception and an exciting prototype DH battle game. It was a fantastic experience, and we sincerely appreciate everyone’s enthusiastic participation.

Stay tuned for our upcoming online workshop and an exciting study trip to Denmark scheduled for the fall. We look forward to your continued engagement and collaboration. Until next time!