DIY store to generate its own energy

Date: 19/06/2018

A tools and hardware retail chain in the UK has announced its first net-zero energy store, which aims to cover 100 per cent of its power needs with renewables.

The Screwfix store in the city of Peterborough, owned by home improvement giant Kingfisher, will feature an on-site solar PV array, battery energy storage and an air source heat pump.

According to Kingfisher, power from the solar array will run the store during the day. It will also charge the energy storage system, which will provide power at night. In addition, the heat pump replaces existing gas and electric heating units.

The company said it is looking into undertaking similar projects at other facilities as part of its 2025 sustainability plan.

Kingfisher’s head of energy and renewables, Jeremy Parsons, said the project’s combination of renewable resources represented “a huge milestone” for the firm.

“This store has a range of solutions that we have deployed individually across distribution centres and large format stores in the UK and France,” he said. “Pulling them into one project at Screwfix demonstrates how far we can go towards creating very low carbon stores, and this approach is informing our next phase of investment in energy projects for the near future.”

Source: Decentralised Energy