District heating to help Danish homes away from black gas.

Date: 08/03/2022

The Danish District Heating Association welcomes the greater political focus on phasing out black Russian gas and simultaneously shifting the energy sector in the green direction. The key to a rapid conversion from gas in the heating sector is heat planning and district heating.


During the weekend, political intentions were launched in Denmark to phase out the use of natural gas for heating. Emphasis was put on the importance of heat planning and district heating as instruments to ensure a rapid transition.

The Danish District Heating Association (DDHA) supports this and calls for a priority to heat planning in the forthcoming negotiations.

- Current gas customers need to know what they can expect when replacing their natural gas boiler. Therefore, it must be a political priority to map where the district heating can supply these customers, and where it should alternatively be small heat pumps, says Kim Mortensen, DHHA and concludes:

- Here, it will be pretty obvious to include those who to date have done the most thorough work of screening and analyzing all the country's municipalities, namely the researchers from Aalborg University responsible for developing Heat Plan Denmark 2021. This would make good sense, as it would ensure both a sound, scientific foundation and that conversions can get started as soon as possible.

Based on article from danskfjernvarme.dk