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District heating system in Shangri-La for a greener life

by dbdh

Shangri-La, 3,300 meters above sea level in the northwest of Yunnan Province in China, formerly known as an earthly paradise, is hidden under a blanket of environment and air pollution from the dispatch of wood-burning stoves that are the primary source of heat among residents. Not only is the air polluted but also the local ecological environment is slowly being destroyed.

To change this unsustainable heating mode, ABB supports the Danish government to supply a complete district heating system in Shangri-La for a safe, reliable source of heat for about 50,000 residents. The shift from using stoves to the district heating systems will provide substantial environmental benefits: about 17,000 tons of coal can avoid being burned in Shangri-La every year, which is the equivalent reduction of 105,000 tons in annual carbon dioxide emissions. 460 tons of dust emission will be reduced. 220,000 m3 of wood and the energy used to transport them 1.8 million kilometers will also be saved (electricity of up to 38,000 MWh).