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District heating solution for Finland CHP plants

by Kathrine

Technology company Valmet is to deliver a district heat network optimization solution to two CHP plants in Finland.

The deal is with Jyväskylä Energy Group and is for the entire district heating network of the company’s Keljonlahti and Rauhalahti plants, which use peat and wood as their main fuels. Currently, the maximum district heat output of both plants is 260 MW and 200 MW respectively.

Valmet’s solution includes both predictive supply temperature control and district heat accumulation controls, which the company says will result in fewer network losses, better production efficiency and improved predictability.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly operations are at the core of Jyväskylä Energia’s operations., the group’s Keljonlahti and Rauhalahti power plants produce electricity and district heating for the whole region.

Jyväskylä Energy provides electricity, water and district heat to the city of Jyväskylä. As well as the CHP plants, the group has 14 district boiler houses and one bio-gas centre, where it produces over half of the sold electricity and almost 100 per cent of district heating in the area.