District heating pipes get new functions in the industry

Date: 25/04/2016

Logstor has great success with pre-insulated pipes for the food industry

District heating pipes are usually placed well insulated a few meters underground. But Logstor has lifted the pre-insulated pipes above ground, so they can be used to direct liquids such as oil, water or even liquid chocolate. All pipes are insulated, and it allows a quick fitting, so that the food company avoids too many stoppages.

“Many pipe solutions must be post-insulated. The extra workflow means more downtime. Our pre-insulated pipes can be mounted quickly and also requires very little maintenance”, says Lars Petersen, presales and account manager in Logstor.

“Although the pipes are located on the roof, they can withstand a high surface pressure, for example, that you walk on them. The insulation does not lose value over time, as we know from traditional solutions. It is sometimes fun to see how our customers are surprised at how much our pipes can endure”, says Lars Petersen.

The insulated pipes are not affected by rust, even if they are mounted outside in rain or snow. Therefore, the tubes can hold a lifetime of over 30 years without significant downtime.

The isolation is not lost over time
One of Logstor’s core areas is the food industry, partly because the pipes can be coated with a white cloak which makes the pipes easy to clean and meets the high hygiene standards required in the food industry. In many dairies, slaughterhouses and breweries you may find the pre-insulated Logstor pipes which lead water, steam, oil or liquid ingredients back and forth.

Source: Energy-Supply